Key projects

Consent Decree
➻  Designed corporate standards for FUE programs
➻  Managed remediation activities for CD projects
➻  Designed & Implemented site wide standard operating procedures

Food & Beverage
➻  Developed quality systems procedures for multiple programs including maintenance and calibration, document control and QC.
➻  Food safety certifications completion including AIB, NSF and SQF

Schering Plough Consent Decree 

➻  Managed remediation activities for engineering operations

➻  Implemented paperless calibrations program

➻  Managed critical utilities automation remediation project


Maintain competitive advantage for our clients through cooperative Action, services and technology innovation, and quality systems improvement.

VIS Technologies provides Engineering Services and Products to help Organizations achieve their Development Goals, and obtain and sustain competitive advantages in an ever-changing Marketplace.  Backed up by over 20 years experience in the Life Science Industry, our services deliver the highest level of technical expertise.

From engineering design to project management, we are your turnkey solution.

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VIS Technologies is Certified by the National Minority Development Council. 


We know that your reputation is only as good as your results.  VIS Technologies incorporates more than 20 years of Engineering Services proven and tested under the most demanding project conditions including FDA Site Certifications.


Provide our clients with valued added services and products while becoming the leaders in technical services and consulting.