1. Operational Methods and Personnel Practices

  2. Maintaining Food Safety (Food Safety)

  3. Cleaning Practices (Sanitization)

  4. Integrated Pest Management (Pest Control)

  5. Records and Document Control

  6. Training

By complying with GMP - US 21 CFR 110 and the FSMA Act, your Organization will have the needed systems to Manage and Control Programs Pre-requisites that include:

​Food safety has become an increasing requirement for Food & Beverage Manufacturers. The FDA has established the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to reform Food Safety Laws and Regulations, in order to ensure Consumer Safety through a sage U.S. Food Supply Chain. Through this Act, Food & Beverage Manufacturers are expected to establish systems that focus on Prevention instead of Reaction.

​In order to effectively meet FSMA regulation, several Authorized Certification Agencies have developed special Standards based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. These standards provide specific program prerequisites that a Food & Beverage organization needs to meet. Since being certified by these agencies implies Compliance with FSMA Regulations, there is an increasing demand and pressure for the Food & Beverage Manufacturers to become Accredited with Multiple Certification Agencies. 

Consulting Staff

Consultants with training and audit process experience, Certified with HACCP processes and Food safety practices .

​​​Choose an inspection to:

• Reveal actual practices or issues that may not be apparent on paper 

• Focus on root causes, not just on symptoms

• Educate Personnel through interaction with an Inspector

• Identify, Reduce, Eliminate, and Prevent Facility Food Hazards 

• Prevent expensive and damaging Recalls

• Comply with Government Regulation and Industry Expectations

• Improve and Maintain healthy, sanitary environment for Food Handling

• Produce safe Food Products

our leadership team


Choose an audit to:

• Comply with benchmarked standards

• Maximize efficiency  through better Documentation Management

• Get Certified

• Compare Trends over time

➻   Gap Analysis

➻   Project development

Recent Achievement

SQF Certification Level II  with Leading Bread Manufacturer in PR. Efforts included the Development of Quality Systems needed to meet SQF Certification Requirements.


VIS Technologies has extensive experience with Food & Beverage Certifications and Multiple Certification Agencies. Our Certified Service Specialists work closely with Industry Standards in the Development of Pre-requisite Programs needed for a successful certification. Our valued added services include:

➻​   Programs Implementation & Coaching

➻   Project Management An audit support

Vision, Innovation and Service

Inspection and Audit Benefits

Choosing an Inspection or an Audit depends on the organizational goal. Many Organizations choose both because Inspections and Audits support and complement each other.