VIS Technologies Consulting Engineers have more than 15 years experience Designing and Implementing Building Management Systems (BMS); also known as Building Automation System (BAS). We provide BMS Design and Consulting Services to help clients with Solutions that are cost effective. Our talented Engineers are Certified in Siemens and Apogee.


BMS & HVAC Services

BMS Services

➻  BMS Upgrades, migration of BMS Controls

➻  Application and Automation Server Network Design

➻  Full Documentation Package (URS, FDS, P&ID and As-Built)

➻  Technical Training for Plant Users and Designers

HVAC Services
➻  Controls & Instrumentation Design
➻  PMB Control System Troubleshooting
➻  Commissioning & Qualification
➻  Retro-commissioning to Certify System Operations​

➻  More than 15 years Experience in Managing, Designing and Servicing

     Building Management Systems for Life Science Industries.

➻  Certified Siemens Building Automation.

➻  Served clients include Pfizer, Schering Plough, Actavis and Holsum PR.

➻  Designed and Implemented BMS system for all the HVAC site operations.

➻  Designed and implemented instrumentation to monitor water consumption

     and pharmaceutical plant cooling towers.

​​➻  Retrofit outdated Siemens BMS panels and controls

BMS is a Computer-Based Control System, integrated as a Network with hardware and software to Monitor and Control Environmental Conditions on Industrial Facilities. The BMS can be integrated with different systems such as Factory Chillers, Air Handling Units, and other  types of systems. 

VIS Service Systems are designed to render a Robust Control System capable of meeting Environmental Requirements efficiently.

BMS Overview

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HVAC & BMS Design

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