Rockwell Automation Technology Based Trainings

➻  AB Basic Introduction to PLC Technology

➻  AB Advanced PLC Technology

➻  S7 Baisc Programming &Troubleshooting


​​➻  Visualization

Teaches the benefit of building Management Systems to Operate Factory Utilities. Differentiate between the benefits of implementing a BMS System vs implementing a regular PLC Base Control System. 

Provides hands-on experience in the Rockwell's Logix 5000 controls program structure.

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Program Factory Talk ME applications for Visualization and Control of Factory Processes.​​​

Additional trainings

Vision, Innovation and Service

Operate and Manage Siemens Apogee BMS Applications, including  Reports, Trends, Data Management and System Troubleshooting Tool.

​Technical Trainings

Introduction of basic principles of PLC operation and modules of industrial-control system technologies.

Current trainings  - SCHEDULED dATES

Develop troubleshooting skills for Siemens S7 control  systems using Step 7 v5.5.​​​ Troubleshoot Profibus network and S7-300 controller faults.

Valuable training seminar developed to provide Factory Personnel with the proper knowledge and tools needed to Operate, Troubleshoot and Maintain Factory HVAC Systems.

To reduce operational downtime and efficiently troubleshoot systems failures, employees require proper training. This is one reason why employee development is a crucial investment to sustain operational efficiency.

VIS Technologies trainings are developed to enhance learning experience by maximizing hands-on practice on leading automation technology. 20+ years experience in technical education!

➻  Calibration Management    ➻  Basic Instrumentation    ➻  Motors and Motor Starters​​    ➻  CISCO Trainings    

➻  Automation & IT Networks Training

HVAC Trainings

➻  HVAC Basics

➻  BMS


➻  Apogee Seminar for Utility Personnel